Senior Women Wellness Program – SOAR Program

The Diabetes AA and WSCI are collaborating to provide a minimum of 150 senior women with diabetes prevention and management education and wellness classes to increase healthy lifestyle behaviors through the SOAR into Wellness Program (SOAR). The goal of SOAR is educating women on how to: 1) reduce their risk factors for developing diabetes, 2) increase diabetes management skills for diabetic women and 3) increase healthy lifestyle and behaviors to enjoy optimal health during their senior years. The program will target a minimum of 150 multi-ethnic senior women (African Americans, Caucasian, and Latinos) from three counties (Fulton, DeKalb and Cobb) in Metropolitan Atlanta.

The program components will address the following specific needs of the senior women: nutrition/dietary needs, diabetes prevention and management, slow moving exercises, tai-chi/gong, and stress management (including meditation, acupressure and massage).

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