HEAL 2 - R2R

HEAL II is a program of the Wholistic Stress Control Institute, Inc. (WSCI)

WSCI...Who We Are

The Wholistic Stress Control Institute, Inc. (WSCI) is an award winning non-profit community based organization whose mission is to teach wholistic stress management by promoting wellness and healthy lifestyle choices. This mission is accomplished through training programs, consultation, and educational resources. WSCI provides a variety of multipurpose human services in the areas of education, prevention and intervention related to teen pregnancy, mental health, juvenile delinquency, violence, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and other areas.

WSCI utilizes a “wholistic” approach in all of its education programs and resources. The wholistic approach advocates the harmonious development of the total person—mind, body and spirit.

The Institute was founded in 1984 by Jennie C. Trotter and incorporated in 1987.

WSCI...What Our Mission Is

To promote wellness and healthy lifestyles through a wholistic approach

To increase positive coping skills for stress management.

To decrease the incidence of stress related illnesses and negative behaviors.

Goal of HEAL 2

The overall goal is to prevent and reduce the onset of substance abuse (SA) and infection of HIV among 80 African American re-entry males, ages 18 to 55, in Fulton County Georgia by providing Substance Abuse and HIV Prevention evidenced based practices, HIV testing services, and environmental strategies annually.

Heal 2 Objectives

Objective #1: To provide Substance Abuse (SA) and HIV prevention services for 80 reentry males yearly.

Objective #2: To decrease the rate of substance use among participants.

Objective #3: To use web-based communications to support and enhance prevention activities.

Objective #4: To increase reports of condom use by at least 30% among all program participants annually.

Objective #5: To partner with community service organizations and local Health Departments to provide pre/post test counseling, HIV testing, linkages to medical care, and other supportive services to participants, partners and/or family members.

Objective #6: To provide social support services through referrals to other linkages of care services, support groups, and/or wrap around services to sustain behavior change.

Objective #7: To train 15 participants yearly as HIV Prevention Peer Educators to promote and distribute condom usage/sexually transmitted disease protective products to 480 non-participants at non-traditional settings annually.

Program Components

Free HIV testing for participants & family members

Web-based Communications

Condom Distribution & Promotion

Referrals to Other Linkages of Care Services

Family Workshops

Support Groups


HIV Prevention

Substance Abuse Prevention

Referral Services

Peer Education

HIV Testing

Case Management

Program Model




(twice a week for 1 hour or

once a week for 2 hours)


Pre and Post testing

Peer Education Training

Support Groups:

Program incentives are designed for the

populations targeted

Our Partners

Fulton County Health & Wellness

Grady Medical Hospital

Infectious Disease Program

SisterLove, Inc.

Fulton County DMHDAD

St. Joseph’s Mercy Care


Evaluation, Training and Associates (ETA)

Georgia Council on Substance Abuse Prevention

Integrated Life Center

Georgia Department of Human Resources/

Division of Public Health

Georgia Department of Community Health

Georgia State Department of Corrections

Atlanta Police—Atlanta Community Impact Program

Department of Corrections/

Atlanta Community Impact Program

R2R Program Staff

Project Director

Jennie Trotter, M. Ed, LPC

Project Coordinator

Tarita Johnson, MSW

Senior Case Manager/Health Educator

Nadim Ali, MA, LPC, GCADC

Health Educator/Peer Educator Trainer

Derrick Lewis, BA


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