Color It Real

An HIV and Substance Abuse Prevention Program

for Young Adults (18-19 year old)

About Color It Real

Color It Real is an HIV and substance abuse (SA) prevention program for 400 African American, young adults (ages 18-19), males and females (200 college and 200 community participants) in Metro Atlanta that are disproportionately effected by SA and the transmission of HIV.

Program Goals

To prevent and reduce the onset of substance abuse and transmission of HIV among young adult males and females.

To continue to enhance local capacity and mobilize community resources of an existing community workgroup to assist with the delivery of SA and HIV prevention.

Participant Services


Direct prevention services

Environmental strategies

Substance abuse and HIV referral services for screening, testing, counseling, treatment.

Program Objectives:

To implement a culturally, age appropriate evidence-based prevention program for 100 project participants annually.

To increase HIV and substance abuse prevention knowledge skills for participants by conducting eight (8) group level sessions.

To demonstrate a significant increase in condom use for at least 50% of project participants.

To create a minimum of four (4) environmental strategies including new technology applications, to prevent and reduce the onset of SA and the transmission of HIV.

To train and utilize 12 peer educators annually to help recruit and retain project participants’ engagement in the Color It Real HIV/SAP program.

To have a minimum of 30% of participants complete HIV testing annually.

To continue to strengthen and monitor formalized agreements between workgroup/coalition members by adding two (2) new workgroup members each year in order to increase capacity and to provide coordinated SAP and HIVP services.

Program Staff

Shelia Lenoir

Project Director

Shataria Williams

Administrative Assistant

L’dia Men-Na’a

Sen. Case Manager/WSCI Health Educator

Kelvin Walston

Case Manager/WSCI Health Educator

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