Parent Wise Parenting Program

Parent Wise Parenting Program (PWPP) is a ten (10) hour training workshop designed to empower parents and their families with skills to assist them with parenting their children. The goal of PWPP is to equip parents with childrearing skills to reduce mental, emotional and physical harm to their children. the target clients are single parents, teen parents, and any other parents, male and female, who desire training to increase their ability to manage individual stress and child stress, and to increase their understanding of anger, conflict and family management and communication.

The PWPP has also been designed as a Training of Trainers (TOT) model program to enable education and human services providers to instruct parents in coping techniques and parenting skills.  Please call for a TOT program schedule.

Program Components and Objectives

This program consists of four components:

Stress Management

  • To understand definitions, causes and signs of stress
  • To learn positive coping skills for stress management

Children, Stress, and Discipline

  • To increase knowledge of stress and distress in children
  • To understand normal childhood stressors of different developmental stages
  • To lean alternatives to corporal punishment

Anger Management

  • To identify personal anger
  • To learn positive ways to release angry feelings
  • To learn positive communication skills

Conflict Resolution

  • To understand definitions, causes and concepts in conflict
  • To increase strategies for resoloving conflicts peacefully
  • To recognize communication styles that decrease conflict
  • To learn problem sovling strategies
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Parent Wise Parenting Program